Compatible with iOS 9.3.3!

Control your iOS device with a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad.

You can use it together with other Bluetooth devices supported by the iOS Bluetooth stack like keyboards or headsets.
Automatic reconnect: Just pick up your mouse and use your iOS device.
Scrolling with mouse wheel in all table views and most others.
Presentation mode allows for swipe simulation (works with Keynote, forScore, Photos...).
Support for Jump Desktop: better mouse navigation and remote right mouse click.
Multi touch gestures for AppSwitcher on Apple Magic Trackpad.
  • Make your Bluetooth mouse/trackpad/combo device discoverable.
  • Go to Settings→General→Bluetooth.
  • Select the device in the list.

Done! A mouse pointer will appear after the connection is established.
Right button: mapped to Home
Middle button: Vertical movements are mapped to pinch/zoom.
Scroll wheel: On SpringBoard, navigates the pages. In other apps, view scrolls up/down.
Presentation Mode: Has to be enabled for individual apps in Settings→Mouse→Presentation Mode. It simulates a left/right swipe for left/right click.
Two finger touch: Has to be enabled for individual apps in Settings→Mouse→Two Finger Touch. It simulates a two finger touch right click.
Right click
Two finger pinch/zoom
Multi touch gestures:
  • Left/right: switch between apps/SB pages
  • Up/down:toggle AppSwitcher
Requires iOS 4.0 or higher on newer devices: iPhone 3GS and higher, iPod Touch 3G and higher, all iPads.
Fully integrated with iOS Bluetooth, no need to stop other Bluetooth devices like headsets and keyboards.
Works with any standard Bluetooth HID compatible mouse or trackpad.
Does not work with new Bluetooth Low Energy / Smart / 4.0 devices.
Supports trackpads in combo devices (e.g. keyboards with built-in trackpad).
Works with all Apple pointing devices: Mighty Mouse, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad.

Warning: no support for gestures on Magic Mouse.

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