Update for iOS 9.0.2.
Fix for problems with Apple Watch.
Update for iOS 8.4.
Update for iOS 8.1 and all new devices.
Update for iOS 7 and all new devices.
Feature: Toggle ControlCenter by swipe up.
Toggle: Scroll direction: natural
Toggle: Scroll wheel as zoom
Toggle: Disable key repeat. This helps when using Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and Wifi as Bluetooth communication problems delay keyboard input, which causes key repeats.
Fix: pairing with device that don't use '0000'.
Fix: Keep on-screen keyboard for Razor Orechi mice.
Fix: Left/Right button swap.
Fix: Pass code entry with mouse.
Feature: Jump Desktop - enable scroll wheel and right click drags.
Bugfix: Mouse pointer didn't show for some mouse models. (1.4.5)
Bugfix: Mouse pointer didn't show after the first connection. (1.4.4)
Support vertical scrolling with scroll wheel. Doesn't work in root apps like Cydia or iFile.
Smooth mouse pointer movements even under high load.
Fix mouse pointer orientation for apps that get rotated by SBRotator.
Mouse pointer above CallBar.
Fix 'Disable Scrollwheel' setting.
Fix regression in 1.4.2 - Pairing was broken for some mouse types esp. MS Wedge Mouse. (1.4.3)
Fix 3-finger swipe to swich apps with Magic Trackpad for iOS 6. (1.4.3)
Fix click on area above app switcher to dismiss it. (1.4.3)
Fix regression in 1.4.1 - Mouse was broken. (1.4.2)
Fix problems with Internet tethering and audio streaming. (1.4.1)
Support for Apple Magic Trackpad:
  • Right click
  • Two finger pinch/zoom
  • Multi touch gestures:
    • Left/right to switch between apps/SB pages
    • Up/down to toggle AppSwitcher
New setting: 'Disable Scroll Wheel'
Simulate two finger touch on right click.
Allow to enter passcode with mouse in lockscreen.
Fix pairing for mouse with PIN different from "0000".
iOS 6 support.
Fix click problems introduced in 1.2.
Swap Left - Right button for Jump Desktop.
More fixes to mouse detection in Settings.
Smooth mouse movements when device is busy.
Jump Desktop uses Mouse Speed from Setting.
Suppress PIN dialog for mouse
Undim and unlock screen.
Allow installation on iPod Touch 2G.
Show new mouse devices in Settings.
Fix for Microsoft Wedge mouse and others, too.
Fix problem with swapped middle and right buttons.
Improve stability when using mouse and keyboard at the same time.