iOS 8.4 compatibility.
iOS 7 style (finally!)
iOS 8.1 compatibility.
iOS 7 compatibility.
iOS 6 compatibility: really really keep running in background.
Support for tall devices: iPhone 5 and iPod 5.
iOS 6 compatibility: really keep running in background.
Fix crash when getting data from Android.
More robust connection to GPS by better RFCOMM implementation.
iOS 6 compatibility: keep running in background.
iOS 6 compatibility: support new
Fix problem with missing labels for some iPhone 3GS devices.
Fix problem with missing labels for iPod Touch 3G
Register GPS capability on iOS 5.x
TomTom: fix problem with missing labels for all but iPod Touch 3G on 5.x
iOS 5 compatibility: fix course injection
New option in to limit update rate to 1 Hz
Use HDOP for location accuracy estimation
Use course and speed from GPS
TomTom: remove 'connect to GPS' message
Nike+ GPS: make it usable
RadarActive: make it usable
Runmeter: make it use GPS
Added "Connect to last used device"
Show horizonal dilution of precision (HDOP)
Report 1.0m accuracy for GPS data
TomTom: report iPod as iPhone to fix annoying "Connect to GPS" message
Fixed crash of some apps that use multiple CoreLocationManagers, e.g. EveryTrail
Fixed heading value for 270-0 degrees, e.g. for ForeFlight Mobile
Allow new pairing on connection failure
Support for iOS 4
Improve speed and course calculation - Speed stays constant when driving with Cruise Control.
Ignore NMEA sequences while fix is invalid.
Update annotation location (blinking).
Fixed crash for NMEA time millisecond data specified only with two digits.
Fixed connection problem with some GPS receivers, e.g., the WBT-202.
Fixed handling of multiple sequeneces in a single packet.
Don't crash during discovery when devices with incorrecly encodesd names are present.
Sets course property if moving. Improves compatibility with navigation apps, e.g. iGo My Way.
Handle multiple location managers: fixes problem with e.g. SkychartPro
Register GPS capability with OS
Improved compatibility - e.g, TomTom is compatible now
Fixes a bug in Bluetooth communication that caused data to stop after few seconds