Compatible with iOS 9!

Connect an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

The demo version does not forward the GPS into other applications. To enable this feature, you have to buy the full version.

It does not let you use your iPhone's GPS with the iPad - but we're looking into that, too.
BTstack GPS has been tested to work on iPod 2G-5G, all iPhones, and all iPads running firmware 3.0 and higher.
It supports standard RFCOMM/SPP GPS receivers.
It registers the GPS capability with the OS, if there is no built-in GPS.
It supports all applications that use the official CoreLocation framework.
GPSSerial has to be removed during install.
BTstack GPS is based on BTstack, the open-source Bluetooth stack for iPhone OS.

BTstack cannot run in parallel to Apple's Bluetooth. Therefore, BTstack GPS has to turn off Apple's Bluetooth. You can re-enable Apple's only after quitting the GPS app.

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